Breakfast's Favorite Health Bar, A Love Story.

Posted by Team Puck on October 3, 2019


It all began in a coffee shop in Spokane, Washington on a snowy winters day in 2012. Amidst the aroma of fresh coffee grinds and the chatter of the patrons of the morning rush, the shop owner, Dave Tawney, asked himself a question all great business owners ask: "how can I better serve my customers."

Immediately, his mind was drawn to his shop's bakery case. Loaded with scones, donuts, cinnamon rolls, and other decadent treats— Dave wondered:

"Why is my bakery case stocked with "dessert products" instead of healthy products designed to be a clean, healthy and sustainable breakfast to help my customers have more energy throughout the day?"


It was at this moment that Dave decided to dream up a better solution— a silver bullet product that made breakfast easier without compromising on nutrition or taste. This was the beginning of what would eventually grow into a product that would take coffee shops across the nation by storm...

Dave instinctively understood that this product had to be a nutrition bar, but it couldn't be just any bar, it needed to be shaped, sized and formulated differently to look and taste like a bakery item but was gluten-free, vegan, and made with only healthy whole-food ingredients that could easily be pronounced.

Dave ran home to his wife, Brande, and together they found the healthiest ingredients they could find and experimented to create a bar that pushed the limits of what a healthy breakfast could be. The next morning, Dave unlocked the door to his shop carrying an oddly round-shaped bar, placed it in the bakery case next to a sign that read "Protein Pucks ($2.99)", and waited anxiously for the hustle and bustle of the morning crowd to line up.

Within hours, Dave knew he struck a powerful chord with his customers. His shop manager rushed up to him saying "Dave, we need more of these Puck-things, we're sold out and a lady just came back in asking if she could buy a month's supply." Dave was elated. He went home to Brande, and they baked several dozen "Pucks"— the next day, they were sold out again.

Before long, Dave and Brande's single-oven kitchen was unable to keep up with the crazy demand from their customers. They realized that they had to form this idea into a real business, so they outsourced a kitchen and made hundreds of Pucks daily. Soon, every coffee shop in Spokane was selling Pucks and customers wrote them notes saying that they eat Pucks everyday for breakfast because it makes them feel healthier and more energized throughout the day.

Hundreds of Pucks quickly turned into thousands of Pucks. The Tawney's rolled out new flavors, each with a distinct ingredient profile and health benefits and all of which stay true to their original ingredient philosophy and pair well with coffee.

Today, consumers are adopting Pucks as their go-to breakfast faster than ever. Pucks are now sold nationwide in hundreds of stores from California to New York— beating out every other bar from a nutritional and taste perspective and triumphing over unhealthy bakery items everywhere.




From an idea born on a cold day in a Spokane coffee shop, to being crowned the Best Overall Bar of 2019 by VerywellFit, the Protein Puck is a beautiful and delicious example of what happens when dedicated business owners commit to find better ways to serve their customers and refuse to compromise until they find the perfect solution.

If you have never tried a Protein Puck for breakfast, we encourage you to do so. It will change your life. It will be the best bar you have ever tasted. It will make you feel like a million bucks and power you up throughout the day.

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