Protein Puck Crowned 2019's Best Overall Protein Bar by VeryWell Fit

Posted by Team Puck on September 20, 2019



Few shelves in the grocery store are more competitive than the Protein Bar shelf. Today, there's a bar for every taste preference, with every type of ingredient imaginable, in every shape and size anyone could ever dream up.

For VeryWell Fit, however, there could only be one bar that could be crowned the The Best Overall Tasting Protein Bar of 2019. And this year, the winner of that title less of a protein bar and more of a Protein Puck.

If you haven't heard of Protein Puck before, you're probably asking, "What is a Puck, and why is it so much better than any bar?"

What makes the Protein Puck the best tasting protein bar?

1. Unique Shape and Size

You might not think that the shape of a bar has anything to do with the way it tastes, but we're here to tell you that you are dead-wrong. A Puck's perfectly round shape and thickness (like a hockey puck) delights the mouth by striking a remarkable balance between crunchy, chewy, indulgent and healthy— Pucks are everything a bar should be, and everything a bar shouldn't be— you'll have to taste one to truly understand. More than just shape, however, the size of a Protein Puck is outstanding. Weighing in at 3.25 ounces per bar, the Protein Puck is close to twice the size as a typical protein bar— at first blush, this may seem too big, but this unique size allows for maximum product can be a light snack if you want to eat half of the bar and save the rest for later, or a Puck can be a handy meal replacement bar for on-the-go travelers, athletes or adventurers. Protein Puck also offers Mini Pucks that are perfect for bite sized snackers.


Protein Best Bar 2019

2. Protein Puck has Novel Bar Flavors

Protein Pucks come in 4 flavors, each named after an adventurer persona which embodies the unique "Spirit" of each Puck. Each flavor tastes totally different than the next (perhaps the only common element is that they are all delicious).

"The Trailblazer" - Peanut Butter, Cranberry


"The Trailblazer" gets its name because it is the first Puck ever created by Protein Puck's founders, Dave and Brande Tawney in 2012. Originally formulated as the perfect healthy protein bar for their kid's lunches, demand for this delicious flavor grew so quickly that an in-home recipe turned into a full blown business with nationwide distribution only a few short years. "Trailblazers" have a rich and creamy peanut butter base, that is complemented by filling gluten-free oats, and gentle touch of tart cranberries. In short, there is a reason why this flavor "started it all."

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"The Explorer" - Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate



"The Explorer" is unrivaled in its delectable ingredient profiles, and is the only Puck made with Dark Chocolate chips. The healthy almond butter base of "The Explorer" gives it a special "soft" mouth feel that complements the crunchiness of the Pumpkin and Flax seeds. Fundamentally, "The Explorer" is the healthy version of the cookie of your dreams! You won't believe it until you taste it.

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"The Maverick" - Cocoa, Cashew, Hemp Seed



"The Maverick" was designed to break the conventions of traditional protein bars and push the possibilities of what a bar can be. Made with cocoa, and ultra healthy hemp seeds, "The Maverick" delivers a highly unique taste — often likened by Puck-eaters to Mexican hot chocolate. The combination of cocoa and cashew deliver a soft and sweet onset, and the cinnamon and peanut butter base work together on the back-end to provide added flare on the after taste.

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"The Wayfarer" - Sunflower Butter, Coconut



"The Wayfarer" unleashes the amazing health benefits of coconut in a sweet flavor combination with a sunflower butter base. The added date fruits contribute notes of delicious fruit to the body and deliver a perfect balance of moisture and chewiness in to count the flax seed crunch. One bite will not be enough— you'll want to eat the whole thing!

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3. Pucks Have Outstanding Whole Food Ingredients

We are told the same story time and time again, "Our bar is made with only the best ingredients", says every bar-maker on the planet. But again, Protein Puck has found a way to break through this cliche with a compelling formulation credo the founders Dave and Brande Tawney apply when creating Puck flavors:




I. No Puck should ever be the same (each flavor has an entirely unique ingredient profiles).

II. Every ingredient must be able to be pronounced.

III. Every Puck should be Vegan, Gluten-Free and have Plant-based protein.

IV. Natural Protein Only - Never use protein isolates (like pea or rice protein isolate) to inflate protein content, all protein in Pucks must come from natural Nuts and Seeds.


VeryWell Fit continues its march towards being the leading authority in Healthy Eating, Fitness, and Weight Loss. Over the past 20 years, they have been laser focused on giving readers credible knowledge from experts and healthcare professionals, and is led by a Medical Review Board.

Protein Puck is honored and humbled to receive the recognition from a reputable organization.

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